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Hide FSA vaults in search

Level 4
We archive certain files using FSA which the users access by a 3rd party app. We don't even index these archives as they users do not access the files directly. This is all working fine.
The issue I have is that the permissions on the NTFS shares have READ access set for EVERYONE, which I cannot remove without making the 3rd party app fail. So when users go to search vaults (searcho2k.asp) for other files, these archives appear in the "In Vault" drop down list.
Is there another way to hide Archives from search?

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
Not that I know of :(
You could play with the Archive Permissions, maybe this could help.

i.e. if you have an AD Group with all the people using "the app", you could just give those users permission on the archive, and no one else.  Only those users should then see this as a drop down option.


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I have a similar issue and i resolved denying everyone permissions in the FSA archive and asign explicit permissions for each user,  other way could be remove everyone from share, add your users explicit and sync permissions.
Dany R.

Level 4
Thanks for the ideas, I thought it would only come down to the permissions. Unfortunately most users require access to these files via the App, so creating a group would only help in hiding the Archives for a small portion of the userbase.

Level 4
how do you set the Permissions on your Folders? Did you set Share Permissions for "Everyone" Read and then handle the Directory Permissions via NTFS Permissions?
I had the same Problem a few Months ago, the Share Permission on the Share Root Folder was set for Everyone and then i catch the directory permissions with NTFS. From V5 to 6 EV changed his behaivor in interpreteting Windows Permissions. But there is a Registry Key you can set to force EV to use the NTFS Rights. If you set this Key the Users should see only the Archives for what they have permissions in the File System.
If you have this Problem, let me know and i will search my Documents for the Key.