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High availability Diagram review requested

Dear Tech Gurus,


Can you please review attached diagram of High availabilty for Enterprise Vault. I wanted you professionals to review it once, before I present it.


I thank you in advance for your assistance and feedback.



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you did a nice job with the

you did a nice job with the diagram itself but technically i wouldnt consider it HA since you're not clustering EV. it's more of a "we have a plan to recover 1 server in DR as quickly as possible in the event of a server failure." also, keep in mind that always on availability groups arent supported yet.


Thank you Andrew for kind

Thank you Andrew for kind feedback and guidance. I would need to check with management if we have budget for EV clustering, as it would need 3 more servers procurement. I just hope we get it.

Meanwhile, On a second thought, do you recommend to put one archive server in clustering rather than using 2 archive servers?

or Can you please guide me about "task HA". Can I put same tasks in both archive servers, so if one goes down, other one has same archiving policies and process archiving for some time.


sorry, i'm not sure i follow

sorry, i'm not sure i follow your second set of questions. what you have is a DR plan but it's not HA. without clustering, tasks only live on one server at a time and same for the corresponding msmq. the archives are tied to index locations, vault stores, vs partitions, etc which are specific to each EV server. all of those things would have to be manually failed over via the DR process in the event an EV server goes down.


did you need anything else

did you need anything else here?


Remember that AAGs aren't

Remember that AAGs aren't supported for EV.  Doesn't necessarily mean it won't work, but could cause problems if support is ever needed.