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How can I edit https URL when I click Search Vaults in Outlook plug in?

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Hi all

I completed Enterprise Vault 12 test lab. I set Web Access application using 443

After installing plug in of Outlook, I could see error as following picture.

2016-06-07 11 00 52_0.png

As you see above picture, Address(URL) is staring HTTP. How can I edit this URL to HTTPS?

If I try to connect https url manually, I can see correctly https web pages as following picture. 

2016-06-07 11 01 58.png

How can I edit url to https in outlook?

I want to change https



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Have you set it to use HTTPS on the Site Properties:  

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Thank you Tony

I did it as your URL solution but I didnt edit web.config file. Your URL is explaining to edit web.config to https 444 port but I just want to use 443 so I didnt edit it. 

As I wrote, If I try to connect Vault Search URL manually to open IE, it is worked correctly. It is just not worked it on Outlook. Is there other solutions? 


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Hello Jake,

Was the mailbox synced and is Outlook restarted after trying the step suggested by Mr. Tony?