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How can I resolve error message about EV office mail app

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Hi all

I treasure your reply.

I am running EV 11.01 and Exchange 2013 on Windows 2012 R2. For EV Office Mail App, I tried to install using powershell of Exchange so it was installed as following picture, but there is a error message if I click Enterprise Vault tab on the OWA.

2015-11-26 11 52 00.png


2015-11-26 11 43 28.png

Above error is "App Error, this app cant start, try to do later or inquire system administraor" I translated in English so It will be not exactly correct.

What should I do to resolve this error?




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Hi Jake,

You can take console log (press F12) along with Fiddler trace to know details of background call that may be causing this issue.


Pradeep Papnai

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Hi Papnai

Thank you

Althought I installed Fiddler trace, I didnt know how to use it. It's very complicated to me. :) sorry


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Have you installed cumulative hotfix 2 (or later) for 11.0.1?

There was an issue fixed in there to do with the names of some retention categories being encoded incorrectly that would cause the Office Mail App to not initialise.


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Hi Andrew

Yes I already have installed cumulative hotfix2. Not cumulative hotfix3.



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> valid SSL certificate on EV IIS

> Check that the following URLs are accessible from the client computer:






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Hello Jake,
as Manideep Neeli already said, verify internet navigation from the client Computer.

Office mail app needs download some Mail app definitions from Mircrosoft sites.


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 Michael, on my test environment (Windows 2012 R2 with NetBackup v7.7), I've noticed that 'setconf.bat' no longer includes the code that writes the 'nbjconf' file.  So, modifying any of the 'SET VAR=VALUE' command lines that we are used to tweaking in 'setconf.bat'... no longer has any effect.   Instead we have to edit the 'nbjconf' file.  But, the file format has changed, and it's now a Unix type Stream-LF file, so now we have to use Wordpad to edit it (and not use Notepad anymore). Have a look on Malaysia package