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How do I mark an archive closed?

Level 5
In doing some testing with archive moves, I am trying to mark one of my test archives closed. I've looked in the documentation and throughout the EV MMC and I cannot find out how to do this.

It seems like it should be an easy thing so I apologize if this is an idiotic question.


Level 6
Partner Accredited
No worries mate, it's not idiotic. It took me a little while to understand the way the developers thought about storage too. The answer to your question is that archives never close. Partitions close. Archives are created when mailboxes (or other types of archives) are "enabled" and get data pushed.
Partitions are the actual on disk data slices that exist within the overal vault. There's a lot of best practice info you'll want to investigate on partitions, and how to set them up so they work in your environment. Some of the considerations I normally preach is recovery windows, searchability, organization, and even politics.


Level 6

What do you want to achieve by the archive being 'closed'?

You could remove permissions from it so that no one will ever see it in a search etc. or obviously you could delete it.

Level 5
Hi. This is part of a larger project in finding the best way to move a vault store from one Enterprise Vault server to another.

Level 6
Archives can't be marked as closed. What you can do is set a storage limit on archives and that should prevent that archive from being used.

Level 6
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You cannot logically move a vaultstore from one server to another as it associated with the storageservice on that computer. You can however relocate the underlying partitions and/or Index locations.