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How to delete vault references from Discovery Accelerator

I have remove a vault from the EV console and SQL, but it is still shown in Discovery Module. Any idea about how to remove that reference from DA.

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Have you tried doing a SYNC on DA.


Yo will need to do this for each customer database you have in DA


on the main page when you logon to the DA customer database in the right hand side under Application Administration click on Archives.


When the next screen opens you will see a Synchronize button at the bottom of the screen.


Click on this it will force a sync between DA and EV vault store list

Jay,   You may need to



You may need to restart the DA service as well.



Normally not

Normally the sync is realtime so a restart is normally not needed


In saying never hurts to restart services :)

Sync don't solve

Already done and still shown in DA.

Has anyone resolved this issue??

There does not appear to be remove a deleted archive from Discovery Acclerator.
The user has been deleted from AD, Exchange, and EV - deleting the archive.
Doing a DA Synchronization does not remove the delete archive from showing. 

The delete archive does have a status of delete, so I can filter by delete and make sure the archives are not selected.  However, this is really only a work around in my opinion.

The other option has been to create a new customer which does not have the delete archives, as expected.  However, this is only good until there is more employee turnover and then everything is back to the same issue.

I'm very reluctant to resolving this via SQL hacks as well, as there is no documented process from Symantec on how this could be done.

Any ideas??


My understanding with DA

My understanding with DA based on prior discussions with support is that you cannot delete it from DA. The reason behind because deleting an archive searched (Whether from DA or SQL) will defeat the purpose on how DA is used. The intent of DA is to meet compliance requirements as well.

 The only action you may take from DA's perspective is modifying the settings of what archives are being searched from the CASE and Application level to disregard archives no longer used by deselecting the check box that pertains to the expired archive.

Please let me know if you need further details.