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How to edit the .fdm EV forms


We need to change the EV archived item icon from outlook and from OWA. I know that the only thing you can do is to edit those .fdm forms that we install in the Exchange but I cannot find a utility that can do this.
As for the OWA icons I know that it is more complex and I still trying to find what must be changed.

Any help would be great.

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it would be unsupported

it would be unsupported configuration if you do that, maybe contact Professional Services or PM to see what your options are

This is probably not an easy

This is probably not an easy task, as best practice is to have the forms installed locally, then having it in the Org Forms.

As for OWA, that's probably just exchanging some pictures in the filesystem Smiley Wink

But I agree with JesesWept2, you should check that with support, because you probably have to revert back to a supported configuration everytime you want to have support from Symantec for this type of configuration.


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 Can I ask why you want to

 Can I ask why you want to change the icon?  And to what?
Working for