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How to find the file name corresponding to an Enterprise Vault archived item Sql Query

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We delete the wrong Archive, I followed How to restore a single archive after it has been deleted in an Enterprise Vault site., It fail in step 10, after a few tries, I continued and end up create new server with the Storage Service and partition share.

Not perfect, but it works, I could export some archive to pst without error.

When I export the deleted archived some items failed.

How can i find out what files correspond to "Item Id: 201012071742944~200310281057080000~Z~B0EC1536D7E672B12989264D2303B0B1"

47811	10:11:14.945	 [7036]	(MigratorServer)	<4968>	EV~E	Event ID: 6882 Unable to complete retrieval request | |Reason:|          The system cannot find the file specified.  (0x80070002) |Vault:              rECEBIDOS 2014 |Vault Id:           17CBAF1B3C9E4EB43BB1CB8982EA64F791110000EXCHEVARQ01 |Item Id:            201012071742944~200310281057080000~Z~B0EC1536D7E672B12989264D2303B0B1 |Reference:          Vault/RI |Extended Item Info:  |Supplementary Info: | |                     |For more information, see Help and Support Center at

I best I got was this query How to find the .DVS file name corresponding to an Enterprise Vault archived item, its failed  30353 itens, it there a Sql query to find this?

My environment: 

Enterprise Vault 11.0.1

Windows Server 2008 R2 




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I am not sure this one will assit, but you can try. I edited it to reflect your info.

The item-id from you is: 201012071742944~200310281057080000~Z~B0EC1536D7E672B12989264D2303B0B1
Edited to get the Transaction-id = B0EC1536-D7E6-72B1-2989-264D2303B0B1

Run below against Vault Store database. See if that gives you something. In general, this is due to missing CAB files.. Anyway. If that query works, you need to do the below for that 30353 items.. You can somehow do that in excel, but I leave that to you. If not, I have no other idea.

SELECT Saveset.IdTransaction,Collection.CollectionIdentity, Collection.IdPartition, RelativeFileName, Saveset.ItemSize, Saveset.ArchivedDate
FROM Collection, Saveset
WHERE Collection.CollectionIdentity = Saveset.CollectionIdentity
AND (Saveset.IdTransaction = 'B0EC1536-D7E6-72B1-2989-264D2303B0B1')

Regards. Gertjan

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Hi GertjanA,
Thanks for your quick response, the query you send I think is for collection that I don't use, the table Collection is empty.
I'm using PowerShell to create the path, see attachment
Then I test if the folder exists against all partition and build the Path.
If I could find with partition was the File would be easy.