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How to obtain a list of all mailbox archives for a specific mail domain?

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Hi all,

we are running Enterprise Vault ver. Our environment is quite large, with many different mail domains.

I am looking for a way to get a list for all archives (ideally with sizes) which belong to a specific domain, for example all archives with the address *

Anyone an idea?



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by default the archives do not represent the domain, but it would be common for users of a domain to reside within a dedicated vault store.

There are queries for size and listing the archives... and perhaps the easiest thing to do is to export the usage report.IIRC the bill to, although showing the NetBios domain, is not stored in the db in this form and takes a GUID form that has to be translated into the user from AD.

Would the usage report work for you?

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I'm assuming you have 1 AD Domain with n Mail domain.

If you can fill AD User property "Company" with the desire domain you can use the SQL script below.

Please change «EV Storage database name» to your Storage Database.


Select ArqSize.ArchiveName,EME.Company,ArqSize.ArchivedItemCount,ArqSize.ArchivedItemSizeMB 
	From (SELECT A.ArchiveName, 
    COUNT(S.IdTransaction) AS ArchivedItemCount, 
    SUM(S.ItemSize)/1024 AS ArchivedItemSizeMB 
    FROM EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.Archive A,
        EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.Root R,
        «EV Storage database name».dbo.ArchivePoint AP,
        «EV Storage database name».dbo.Saveset S

    WHERE S.ArchivePointIdentity = AP.ArchivePointIdentity
        AND AP.ArchivePointId = R.VaultEntryID
        AND R.RootIdentity = A.RootIdentity
    GROUP BY A.ArchiveName) ArqSize,
		EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.ExchangeMailboxEntry EME
	WHERE EME.MbxDisplayName = ArqSize.ArchiveName
        -- AND EME.Company = 'DomainA'    

PS: This script was help to build with search in the VOX community forum