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How to search for a particular email using Discovery Acclerator 8.02

Level 5


Can some share with me on the Procedure on how to search for a particular email using DA Client.

Here are what I know

1) After the DA configuration database is created.  Create a customer database instance say "  sun "which has given access to evadmin
2) In the Archive of Exchange Journal, search  for the subject   "Job".  5 email related to job on this journal archive is FOUND.

3) Login as EVadmin on one of the XP Machine
4) Select the instance e.g sun
5) Create a new case  (Job) where the case status is Open ( Legal hold is unchecked)
6) In this case, when I edit the properties,   how do I SPECIFY the subject or conent "job" ? The searchable vault store for Journal Archive is selected.

Below the Case Tab, there are a few other option

Properties | Analytics | Rule Builder | Searches | Export/Production | Role Assignement | Review Assignment | Address Manager.

a) When I click Searches,  and key subject Job,   there is no hit.

What additional configuration have I missed out?



Level 4

In your case, you have to go under 'Searches' to make your search.  You should see a 'New' button there, where you'll make a new search.  Once you hit that button, a screen will appear that allows you to enter your search terms.

Once you enter your terms, hit 'Save', and that will run your search.  You can then preview the results and accept them into your case.

Have a look at the Reviewer's Guide that comes with the DA binaries.  That gives a more detailed description of how to run and review searches.