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How to seprate the EV server for PST migration ????

Hi All,

I have installed an EV 8.0 SP 3 on windows server 2008 for Mailbox archiving & PST migration.
I have enabled 500 mailbox for archiving & 3000 need to enable for archiving.
PST migration is going on appx. 300 users PST have been migrated.

Now I want to configure the one more EV server for PST migration. Can someone suggest me that is it possible ?
I read somewhere that PST migration task should be run on the server wehre mail archiving is running.

If it is possible then please suggest me how can I do that.

Thanks in advance.

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I do not fully understand

I do not fully understand what you are trying to achieve here. If you are talking about splitting up your users across more than one server then where the PST Migrator task runs from is irrelevant. You can have a migrator task per ev server. Which method of PST migration are you using? Server of client side?

Hi Paul, We are using client

Hi Paul,

We are using client driven PST migration method.

I want to build an EV server dedicate for PST migration. I want to run Mailbox Archiving Task & PST Migration Task on diffrent diffrent EV server. Currently both tasks are running on same EV server.

Please suggest me it is posible or not ? if posible then please explain me how ?



It is as easy as having the

It is as easy as having the tasks on different servers.

Hi Paul, Thanks for ur

Hi Paul,

Thanks for ur reply.

Actually I read in a technote that the EV server on which the PST Migrator Task is running also has a Mailbox Archiving Task present.
Ref Link :

Can you please suggest me that we can only run the PST Migration Task on a EV server ?


is it necessary Mailbox Archiving Task should be run on the same server ?





Hmmmmm was not awae of that.

Hmmmmm was not awae of that. Le me do so testing

OK so yes you do indeed need

OK so yes you do indeed need an archiving task for the particular exchange server that the mailbox resides on but they do not need to reside on the same server as the PST Migration tasks. What you do need is the PST Migrator task to be on the same server as the users storage service. For example this is the test that I have just done:-
1. I have two servers called EV1 and EV2
2. EV1 has task for exchange server
3. EV2 has PST Migrator and Collector Tasks
4. Enabled a user for client side migration whose archive is tied to the storage service on EV2
5. Started Outlook and waited for client side migration to start
6. This migrated fine.
So from the above you can have the PST Migration task on the same server where the users archive resides but not the archiving tasks on the same server and client side migration will work.
For my next test I deleted the PST Migration and Collector tasks from EV2 and created them on EV1 and ran the same test and this migration started but stayed at Migrating in the VAC and no error was logged. Looking at the DTRACE I could see it looking for the storage service that the user is tied to which is on EV2 not EV1 and so then it seemed to stall. I then created another PST Migration Task on EV2 again and this time the PST was migrated successfully
So in conclusion the actual Exchange tasks do not have to be on the same server but there needs to be a  PST migration task on the server that runs the storage service for that users archive.
What I would suggest in your case is to scale your system correctly and PST migration will be OK. SO as an example you have quoted 3000 users that need to be archived. Split these over 3 EV servers and create a PST migration task on each EV server. This way ingestion will be split across each server. Please remember this is just an example and not a recommendation. Scaling of EV should not be based on number of users but mail ingested.

Hi Paul, Thanks for ur

Hi Paul,

Thanks for ur reply.

I don't understand what is the meaning of  PST Migrator task to be on the same server as the users storage service.

As I know that storage service must be run on all the EV servers because it is a part of EV getting start wizards.
As in my case I have enabled 500 mailboxes for arching but PSTs have migrated only 300 users.
What about rest of 200 mailboxes ?

Please explain me more briefly because I  don't have good knowledge of EV.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Deepak, What Paul is

Hi Deepak,

What Paul is saying is that you need to have the PST Migrator task on the same server where the user has their storage service and vault store, otherwise it will not know where to store the PST migrator is kind of tied in with the user's storage service.....but an archive task does not have the same restriction.
For example when customers have remote sites with exchange servers out there, they may choose to put an Enterprise Vault server in one of those sites and this server will run only the archive task....each night when the archiving schedule runs it will pass the data back to the central EV server that is running the storage service and indexing etc (the backend tasks). This is quite effective as the EV server at the remote site passes the data back via msmq which has about 50% less overhead than Mapi.
You could not put the PST migrator task on a server and then have it pass back the data to another server that is running the storage and indexing service....the pst migrator task needs to be on the same server as the storage service and the user's vault store.

What Paul has suggested with the 3 servers is definitely viable but only if you have these 3000 users split out over 3 different Exchange servers or more - that is because one EV server can archive from multiple Exchange servers but multiple EV servers cannot archive from one Exchange server. So you cannot have 2 archive tasks located on different EV servers targetting the same Exchange server, it would not work and it is not supported. But you can have the archive task run on a different server to the pst migration task as I mentioned previously.

So if all your 3000 users are on one Exchange server then I recommend that you get yourself a well specced EV server that does both the mailbox archiving and PST migration. No point splitting it out over 2 servers in my opinion because even if you set up 2 EV servers and 1 ran the backend services (so storage, indexing and the PST Migrator task) and the other EV server ran the archive task only, you would still end up with the backend server doing the bulk of the work (like the indexing and so on).

I hope this makes sense - if someone else wants to add any more details please feel free

Hi Abdra, Thanks for ur

Hi Abdra,

Thanks for ur reply, I am really impress the way u explain.

I will try to make the customer understand these things & once again thanks for ur suggestion.



Hello Deepak

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Regards. Gertjan