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I NEED HELP on upgrading 2007 SP5!

I have spoken to my client that recently upgraded from 2007 SP1 to SP5.  The upgrade stated it was successful except on a certain database.  He had errors on it during the upgrade.  Everything else runs fine, but gets "deadlock" errors on this particular one.  Here are his concerns:

As discussed please find my concerns with rolling back our Discovery Accelerator database:
  • Which databases should be rolled back?  Just the live customer DB or should this also include the config DB or indeed the stale customer DB still on version 6?  Please note the Config DB is shared with our working Compliance Accelerator service, so presume rolling this back will also effect this service.
  • If we did roll back the DBs what else is required?  Do we need to reinstall DA 2007 SP5 software on our DA Server and the Journaling Connectors software on our EV Journaling servers or should it detect and the older DB automatically and prompt us to upgrade.
  • Since we have yet to determine the route cause of the upgrade failure, I would suspect the same issue would occur if we just re-attempt the upgrade.  So believe we need to understand the cause of the failure and resolve this before any upgrade is reattempted.
Lastly, as it appears the DA service is operationally, perhaps a roll-back isn't needed.  Is there anyway to determine if the DBs upgraded successfully and perhaps then we could then work on why the Deadlock errors are occurring.
I suggested to roll back to SP1 and try the upgrade again.  Please help!

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It appears that the upgrade

It appears that the upgrade was successful.   Unfortunately I don't know the schema versions of the DA DB's associated with EV, but i'm sure someone from Symantec may be able to help you there. 

All I can offer is this;

Check this KB article reference SQL deadlocks;

Personally I would be loathe to do a rollback right now.  Get your customer to check his DA searches for consistency, and if they're OK, try and resolve the deadlocks.  The only times that DA has failed on an upgrade for me, none of it worked from the get go. 



Hi, The DA  Schema Version is


The DA  Schema Version is along the same lines.  e.g. 8.02.xxxx is 8.0 SP2