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Hi All,

Short update, last year was a hectic one for me, after moving from UK to Switzerland.  New house major renovations, bad crashes ect ect. 
But good news, I am back....
I would like to inform you all Smiley Wink I have left GlassHouse. Michel Zehnder, Peter Kozak and I have started a new company. 
The evtools development division of GlassHouse has been split off from GlassHouse into a separate entity called QUADROtech as of 1st of January 2012. The goal is to increase the focus we have on specific development around EV tools and the other professional development we offer.
http://www.quadrotech-it.com/ is our new home, we have started revamping all our products and introducing new ones.  Please come pay us a visit and see if there are any Enterprise Vault tools you need.
Anyways enough advertising, I’m back to help once again.
Hope you all have a wonderful 2012.
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Welcome back Wayne - looking

Welcome back Wayne - looking forward to the apps you guys will deliver!


This is great Wayne!  So

This is great Wayne!  So excited for you guys and I can't wait to see the new Archive Shuttle and PST Flightdeck have in-store!  I enjoyed using both those solution in the past and know that you guys will do a good job developing these tools.

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Way to go Wayne!

Hope to see you in Reading any time soon!


Regards. Gertjan

  Hi All,   Thanks for the


Hi All,


Thanks for the heads up Smiley Wink


I am resisted for GreenPark next week, and because of the new venture I SHOULD be there but the 11th is the only day we could get our next appointment with the lawyers, so I might not be able to make it ;(


Lets see.


Me 2

I'll arrive tuesday, return thursday. CU there hopefully

Regards. Gertjan

Good luck Wayne and

Good luck Wayne and company.

I will be in GPK next week.  Would be great to meet up with any of you folks that will be there.


Welcome back Wayne. I was

Welcome back Wayne. I was wondering where you had dissapeared to. Good luck with the new venture!


FB Page just created, please

FB Page just created, please go and click "like" Smiley Tongue