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I have some files that are not getting archived, that should be getting archived.

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I am running Enterprise Vault 8 SP2.  I noticed that I have some files that are in the same folder as other archived files (same file types, size, etc...) not being archived.  Is there some metadata in the file that could be causing this issue.  I'm getting no errors in the report on these files, so I'm confused as why they wouldn't archive when they meet the criteria from the policies to archive them.  Maybe someone has got a manual way I can try to archive these files to see if maybe I can get some kind of error logged to go by.



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What IS the criteria?
And what IS the file's metadata?

What does report mode say?


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The criteria is older than 6 months and office files, pdfs, and other file types.  The files I'm having issues with are not of just one file type.  These files are well over 6 months old and meet the criteria.  It's like they are being ignored and not even scanned.  Just for testing I copied one of the files that I was having issues with to my desktop and I then copied it back to the original location to replace it self.  The file did get archived correctly and the placeholder was correctly done the next archiving task run.  That tells me somethings got to be wrong with the files.  Hopefully someone has ran into this before and can offer some assistance.  Thanks.

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Are there any attributes for those files? 

Maybe grab a dtrace of a FSA run now to see what that says.

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The only attribute i see is A.