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I need help with a script to rename all of the archive points on a file server to end with a .

Level 4
I'm in the process of migrating to a new file server with a different name.  In my last migration I came to the realization that fsautility is to slow to migrate placeholders.  I'm currently running robocopy to copy everything over to the new file server.  I'm unable to create archive points for the new file server because of duplicate archive point names.  I need to be able to change all of the old archive point names to end in a . (period) that resides on the old file server.  I'm thinking I should be able to do this with powershell or maybe someone else knows a better way.  Any help is greatly appreciated in helping me get started in creating the script.

Basically the script needs to change the name in the properties of the archive point.  That way it will be changed in archives under File System in the Enterprise Vault Manager.  See Attached what I'm referring about.

Enterprise Vault 8 SP2
Windows 2003 ENT Server