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In need of client references for Enterprise Vault (email-file-PST)

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Hi Everyone,

I need to speak with technical client references who have installed and used the following Enterprise Vault products:

PST Migrator
Email Archiving
File Archiving

My research to date indicates:
1. The 3-day training classes are high end and don't get granular
2. The product is great, but the support is horrible

If you are using any of these products, have at least 450 users and can spend a few minutes on a phone call with me a.s.a.p., please email me:

Thanks in Advance!

Level 6
I think you should speak to your Symantec rep to get client references. This probably isn't the correct forum to be asking for references.

Level 6
There is a White Paper on what to look for in an archiving product on