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Include attachments in powershell Export-EVArchive

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Hello together,

I have a question regarding the different between the powershell cmdlet Export-EVArchive and the export via console.

We figured out, that there was a missmatch from the results when adding a daterange, because via powershell the attachments are included.

Therefore we have results out of this daterange.

This is a expected behaviour as we know and described here.

My question is why are the attachments included via the powershell export and not in the export via powershell?
Can we prevent this, that via powershell the include attachments parameter will not be used?

Thanks in advanced,

Lucas Häussler



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Hi Lucas,

as far as I know some options are not available in the powershell export.

If I remember correctly there were also missmatches within time ranges if you export to a specific date, and then you export from this date onwards (delta), since you can not set the time.

This makes automation tricky.

I don't know if this is fixed.

greetings from a former colleague :)