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Incomplete extract from FSA

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I am looking for help on extracting files from FSA in an EV 9 environment.


I need to extract a folder from a file sever which according to the client is around 20GB in size. When extracting the data with fsautility, only 4GB or so is extracted, the extract shows as complete yet the remaining data does not appear to be extracted and I can't see any errors being logged to say that there is an issue.

A previous attempt on another folder was done by another engineer which yielded a similiar result whereby apparently some data was not extracted successfully.


The files are on a DFS server which does have replication enabled.


Is there any issue which could be causing this or it there a way that I could verify the size of an archive and its subfolders before running an extract?


Thank you.


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Using this SQL query, you can find out number of items archived under that affected folder.

Use <FSAVaultstore>
cast(folderpath as varchar(200)) as folder_path,
count(*) NumberofitemsperFolder
enterprisevaultdirectory..root r1
inner join enterprisevaultdirectory..root r2 on r1.rootidentity = r2.containerrootidentity
inner join enterprisevaultdirectory..archive on r1.rootidentity = archive.rootidentity
inner join enterprisevaultdirectory..archivefolder on r2.rootidentity = archivefolder.rootidentity
left join vault on r2.vaultentryid = Vaultid
inner join saveset on vault.vaultidentity = saveset.vaultidentity
group by
,cast(folderpath as varchar(200))
order by archivename

Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified

Great, thanks I will have that query run.

Any suggestions as to the possibility of EV not able to extract all files?