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Index Missing Items after user is migrated to exchange in new domain

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We have a problem with Indexes missing items after mailbox migration. We are in the middle of migrating users from our source domain to our target domain for a company merger. They did not want to migrate the data in the current EV system but still want to have access to it. Once the user is migrated they have maintain access to the legacy Vault Archive via the webpage search. I have noticed after several migrations the indexes for the migrated users' archive are missing items and the user cannot find them when searching. At first I just ran a sync job and everything was fine. but after seeing more of these it became a concern. I found a users that was migrated 2 weeks ago whose index was still missing items. That is surely enough time for the index to sync. I did a Run Now on the indexing task for that EV server and the index was still missing items. It is only the items that were archived since the migration process kicked off. The process can take several days because they are using Dell migration manager tool which syncs the contents of the mailbox across to the new mailbox in the target domain before the final migration cutover is scheduled. None of the messages are removed from the source mailbox.There are no relevant index task errors in the event log about it. The were a couple of errors like the example below but was only for two users and not for the users in question. Any insight would be appreciated.


A search failed with error "Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: key".

Archive: *Archive Display Name*
Archive ID: 14D499E900E075A41A4EA5F844B2654371110000evsite1
Index volume ID: 23413
User: *TargetDomain*\*Username*
Maximum results: 50
Timeout (seconds): 120
Sort order: -date 


Some basic info about our setup:

EV 10.0.4

EV Servers = Server 2008 R2

EV SQL = Server 2012 R2

Current - Exchange 2010 SP3 RU7

Destination - Exchange 2013