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Indexing not happening for a single user

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We have EV 11.0.1 on top of VCS 6.1 running on Windows 2012. We have around 10 EV servers for Mailbox Archiving, File System Archiving and SMTP Archiving.

We have a user who is not able to search items in Search Vaults. He is able to open Search Vaults, but is not able to search for any items (Refer Attachment for error). On troubleshooting we found that his Indexing is not happening. We have tried Verify followed by Synchronization and lastly, Rebuild.

While Verify fails, Sync and Rebuild complete successfully with no errors (and no exceptions either). Could not find any events corresponding to the failures mentioned in Verify except for the 41315 warnings while searching for items.

Anything we can do to check why his archive isn't getting indexed?


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The solution in that article seems a bit drastic in this scenario for the fact that it only affects one user.  I wouldn't suggest that at all.  

Troubleshooting the index is where the focus should be.  You would need to Dtrace the following processes during a rebuild to get more info on that and it may require the assistance of support.  




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Dtrace might help, if you can find what you need. Might be as simple as 'disk full', but might be very complicated.

What I would attempt:

Disable user for archiving, export archive to PST, zap users mailbox, enable user for archiving, create new archive.import PST in new archive.

Be aware that (if you follow this route), you should also remove the shortcuts from the users mailbox before importing the PST in the archive. (when importing, select to create shortcuts inthe mailbox) If you do not use shortcuts, then fine :-). Can be done manually (at users Outlook, advanced find, find messageclass ipm.note.enterprisevault.shortcut, select all, delete), or perhaps a pwrshell exchange (search-mailbox I believe).

Regards. Gertjan