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Indexing service not starting after vmware upgrade

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Hello all,

I want to share this information for all who might geht into the same problem. We have the following constellation:

EV 10.xx

windows server 2008 R2

vmware 5.5xx

After upgrading the vm at vmware level (at the moment I don't know the exact vmware version since vmware is being managed by a different department but it's 5.5xx) the indexing service didn't start anymore. This is the event it could be found at the event viewer:

Log Name: Symantec Enterprise Vault
Source: Enterprise Vault
Date: actual date
Event ID: 41293
Task Category: Index Admin Service
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: computer name
The Enterprise Vault installation is currently in maintenance mode and consequently unable to process your request. Maintenance mode was initiated because [System Administrator requested shutdown]. (ID: CORE_MAINTENANCE_MODE)

As I found in another article the same error was already reported after changing network adapters respective network adapter settings or updating any network adapter drivers. However the vmware upgrade does mainly change / upgrades network adapter settings and this seems to lead in EV setting itself in the so called maintenance mode.

I didn't find yet an explanation for what the maintenance mode is and how it works (I hear of it the first time in relation to enterprise vault) but what it does is to create a kind of trigger files called (maintenance-mode) under the installation path of EV\Evindexing and installation path of EV\Evindexing\bin and this avoids the indexing service to start.

Solution: just rename those files and the indexing service will start again.

Hope that helps someone.

Regards, Roberto



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Level 2

Unfortunatly, it did not help.