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Indexing upgrade errors

Level 4

Upgraded from EV 9.0.4 to 10.0.4 and in the process of upgrading the indexes to 64-bit.  I have a number of indexes that report failed items with the error below.

SeqNo    SSID    URL    Error Code    Raw Error
2672    201005022762357~200805011517270000~Z~01068601E766B572925AEDEBC1AA0E91    https://EV.WRALLP.COM/EnterpriseVault/download.asp?VaultID=1150A1BA940EB204ABAA1BBE8800B13021110000EV&SavesetID=201005022762357~200805011517270000~Z~01068601E766B572925AEDEBC1AA0E91&Request=NativeItem    100    Error encountered whilst trying to fetch item Sequence Number '2672' Item Identifier '201005022762357~200805011517270000~Z~01068601E766B572925AEDEBC1AA0E91'

Is there anything that can be done about this error.  I have tried rebuilding one index with the same result.


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hi john. it's possible that the item is missing. see the url in the error? that's a direct link to access the saveset if you want to try it. make sure you're logged in with the vault service account, copy the url and pop it into Internet Explorer on the EV sever. if you can't retrieve the saveset then neither can the upgrade process.

there should be an option to redo the upgrade and ignore missing item(s).