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Installing Outlook extensions on Citrix server

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Does anyone have experience with installing the Outlook Extension MSI (EV6.0 SP2) on a Citrix server that uses re-mapped drives? We can't get it installed
I do not have much experience with Citrix server and I am trying to collect information to provide our Citrix administrator

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I have heard you can plug a usb drive into and that will show as c: on it and then you can install on M:

I have used the following:

1. Use Orca editor, in accordance with Q255905 , to modify the .msi file and point the target path to %systemroot%\program files.
2. Open Cmc.msi and save it with a different filename.
3. Select the Property pane in the left column. You will see a TargetDir or Dir Property 1 option in the right window.
Double-click C:\Program Files\ and change to %SystemRoot%\Program Files\. --Save, do not use save as.
4. Place the .msi file in the same location as the original Cmc.msi file.
5. Run Add/Remove Programs and reference your modified .msi file.

If this fails, repeat Steps 1-4 and change the drive letter from C:\ to the server drive letter

I find it easier to change drive letter from C:\ to what you need it to be instead of trying to use the %systemroot% switch.

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Make sure to read the following KB's

Outlook 2000
If Outlook 2000 is installed on the Terminal Server, the user sees the following error when they try to view an archived item:
The form you selected could not be displayed. The form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact your administrator.
Can't open this element. Can't display the form. Contact your administrator.
To resolve this issue, install Outlook 2000 SR1 and apply the steps outlined in this article:;EN-US;249965

Forms with VBScript do not work with Terminal Services in Outlook 2002 and in Outlook 2003
If Outlook XP is installed on the Terminal Server, nothing happens when the user double clicks on an archived item to attempt to view it.
See this article for details of the problem and solution:;en-us;302003

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I can confirm that plugging a USB drive into the Citrix server works. We tried messing with the subst command in dos, but no luck.

The only other Citrix problem we had was a registry hack that didn't have anything to do with Citrix itself, but just the way we probably installed Outlook.緛

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Be sure you are repackaging the MSI to point at the directory which you want to install. As Tony suggested on method, there are other freeware programs to accomplish this.