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Integrate enterprise vauth with outlook anywhere without TMG or ISA

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Hi all 
good day

I want to asking about using enterprise vault in outlook anywhere, if i read on this article (ISA Server) (TMG)

the enterprise vault just have two document regarding publish the enterprise vault server, but in our environment we use other firewall (SOPHOS, F5, CISCO), the question is, can we use other firewall to publish the EV server or Does EV support other firewall device/platform if we want to publish the EV server ?

thank you


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Hi there,

The firewall/reverse proxy used to publish EV URL externally is totally transparent to Enterprise Vault. As long as you can redirect the requests to the /EnterpriseVault internal server URL ie. the published URL is reachable outside the LAN, everything should work fine. By the way, we have seen many customers using F5 with EV and have no problems.


Thanks for your respon mate, maybe i will talk to my customer regarding using F5 for outlook anywhere