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Inter forest archive

Level 3
There are two different domains, A & B. There is only one EV server in domain A. The EV server is required to archive exchange in both domain A & B.

I added mailbox archiving task for both Exchanges. However, I cannot list the mailbox via enable wizard. Every time I run the "synchronization", no mailbox can be synchronize and following event is logged.

Event Type:Error
Event Source:Enterprise Vault
Event Category:Archive Task
Event ID:3195
Time:11:54:57 AM
An error has occurred listing mailboxes on Exchange Server B for synchronization.

Error: There is no such object on the server.

Internal: .\AgentExchSynch.cpp (CAgentExchSynch::ListMailboxesExchange2k) built Nov 17 18:39:08 2005

I added the service account as both Exchanges full admin and allow both "send as" and "receive as" permission.

Moreover, I changed the registry key "E2KAutoCreateMailboxContainerADsPath" as "Users".

Please advise.

Level 6

it's not the Exchange server you need permissions on, it's the OU with the mailboxes in it.


Level 3
I have added the ev service account in domain A as "administrators" in domain B. Is it what I need to do?

Level 3
Hi David,

I added evsvc as B domain's "administrators". It still cannot synchronize. What can I do?

Level 4

If it is Exchange 2003, just run through the delegation of control wizard on the Exchange server to be archived. It is definitely a permissions issue.Message was edited by:
Mike Dowling

Level 6
Good point from Mike. Worth checking this has been done. My spiel on this is near the bottom of this thread:

Level 4

It looks as though the Vault Service account does not have Send As/Receive As permission on the Exchange Server, or the Vault Service account belongs to a group that has DENY Send As and Receive As.

I would recommend adding the permissions tab to ESM and checking this out (or use ADSIEDIT.MSC with care).

On Windows 2003 servers you also need to set this locally on the Exchange 2003 server (i.e. at server level in ESM add Send As and Receive As using the Advanced permissions button to the vault service account.)

Level 2
We have encountered the same issue in our labs. To solve the problem you need to setup domain B to trust domain A (or the domain where you have created the vault service account) and you will be able to see the list of mailboxes and everything else also should work fine too.