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Is there a supported process for consolidating EV servers from 3 into 1?

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Hi.  Looking for some info on if its possible to consolidate mailbox archiving servers and Journaling servers.  Currently we have 3 mailbox archving servers, and 3 journaling servers.  I am wondering if there is a way to consolidate my 3 mailbox archiving into one servers, and the same for the journaling servers.  These servers are no longer archving or journaling and are around only for legal holds.  All mailboxes have been migrated to the cloud.  We have to maintain the EV environment for our legal department and the cases they are currently working with in DA.  It would be cool if i could reduce the amount of servers i have to maintain for EV.

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Since all these servers are doing is hosting archives, it seems like the Move Archive feature should do the trick. Pick one Vault Store and move all the archives from the other Vault Stores into it. Then follow this article to remove the now-empty servers from the site.



I think my issue is i am using index server groups, so i would have to figure out how to move the indexes?

You may also consider moving the Vault Stores onto one single server ( Need not bother about storage queues as you are not archiving anything new.

Do look at this strategy for index groups -

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I would second arnoldmathias.  No need to move the archives, just follow the article to associate the Vault Stores to the new EV Server, for some reason his link didn't work for me but I think this is the one you need.