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Is there anyone willing to share their EV Implementation experience


We are in the process of implementing EV. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that would be willing to provide us some insight as to their experience implementing the product? We would also be able to provide information as far as our experience to date.



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What would you like to know?

Hi RJ,

I've implemented EV7.5/8 and 9 at several sites. AFAIK those implementations are still fine. What would you like to know? some more information from your side in addition to what you want to know:

Which Exchange version. How many servers? clusters? how many users per Exchange server? Vault Cache used? archiving policies? retention? Do you use journaling? Which SQL version are you using? What storage for EV? Indexes storage? what backup software do you use? Do you allow manual archiving? only scheduled? Will you also include file archiving/sharepoint archiving? Any ideas on DR setup?

I'm sure several of the forum members are willing to share some of their experience.


Regards. Gertjan