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Journal Hasn't Deleted Old Items

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Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2, EV  Outlook 2007 SP3 w/EV Outlook add-in

Let's see if I can explain my dilemna.  We had a consultant install the server and I explained site retention should be 1 year.  Company policy is to only retain email for 1 year.  I discovered 3-4 months after the install that the retention catergory wasn't set in the site settings.  I corrected the problem however now I have 3-4 months of emails I'm pretty sure didn't get the intended retention category applied to them.  Hence they haven't been deleted.  Can someone assist on how I would go about ensuring this data is tagged and removed?



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Hello ChrisATS,

How did you correct the problem? Did you create a new retention or updated the current retention category applied to the journal archive? Also, have you performed a search in the journal archive to confirm if you see emails older than a year?

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Look at the Journal mailbox Policy and see what the retention category is set to.


Adding an Exchange Server journal mailbox as a target

Article:HOWTO58050  |  Created: 2011-08-01  |  Updated: 2013-07-12  |  Article URL

 Most likely Storage Expiry hasn't been enabled to run.

Understanding the Storage Expiry schedule

Article:TECH74527  |  Created: 2009-01-19  |  Updated: 2009-01-19  |  Article URL

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I correctly the problem by updating the current retention category and restarting the admin service.  To answer your second question, yes I've performed a search using Discovery Accelerator 10 and do get hits on old email.

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Thanks Tony,

I have the journal mailboxes setup according to Tech58050 and also have the Storage Expiry set in site settings.  I've checked the event logs and do see both Mailbox and Journal expiration entries taking place daily.  

The issue as I alluded to was that the items that were first archived when system was installed didn't get the proper retention category assigned to them in the database.  I verified this by doing the DA search over the last couple years and their is a clear gap from when I corrected the problem it is expring items correctly.  However, the vary old items still remain in both the Mailbox and Journal stores.