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Journal search strings

Level 5

Am looking to do some boolean searches across the EV journal. So if i search for "jar" or "apple" it also finds anything with the word or..which i don't want. 

Anyone got some experience with this and offer assistance? Also how many items can be exported to PST?

Wish we had discovery accelerator :(


Level 4

@ashks2014 you may find a good read in the Enterprise Vault help section on using Boolean operators




I doubt there is an upper limit on how many items can be exported but in my experience I believe we have exported PST's with a million items as well. Note that there is a limit of 16383 items in an exported folder

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off-topic, isn't DA included in the Journal Archiving license? I believe it used to be.

Regards. Gertjan

Thanks guys will read through.

One other question if we search the journal remotely i.e from a pc not the server we get prompted for credentials. How do we turn that off or prevent it? 

The number one reason for getting prompted for credentials is that the site is not in the Local Intranet Zone on the workstation from which you're running the search.

Internet Explorer will only pass integrated Windows Authentication credentials to sites in the Local Intranet Zone. By default, IE will treat fully qualified names as not in this zone, so if you're accessing the EV Search by, then you need to add this site to the Local Intranet Zone. You can do this in the Internet Options control panel, or in bulk using Group Policy, or using the EV Desktop Policy setting "Add server to Intranet Zone" if the machine is running the EV Outlook Add-in.

(FF and Chrome can be instructed to pass these credentials to specific domains as well; search their help topics for "NTLM authentication".)