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Journaling Issue



I have an issue where my colleague created a new Stroage group and instead of pointing this to the jounral mailbox for that server he has pointed it to the mailbox we use as the system mailbox (we tend to think of it as the Archive box)

unforunately no one noticed untill it had 130000 mails.

to resolve the issue i created the Archive mailbox as a second journal task mailbox and set it to run. unforunately it got down to 19000 and it stopped clearing down the Archive mailbox (i left it for two days before coming to this conclusion) unforunately i don't know why it won't clear the rest of the archive or how to resolve this issue

I have tried moving the some of the mails into the main journal mailbox but this doesn't journal down them either.

is there a age before EV won't journal the mails and if so is there a way i can reset them to get these 19000 journaled

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No, there would not be an age

No, there would not be an age limitation on items in the journal mailbox.  Are there any warning or errors in the EV Application log?

What is the message class of the items in the mailbox?


it sounds like there's a

it sounds like there's a corrupt message which is interfereing with the journal archiving. in my experience, short of heavy troubleshooting to narrow it down, what you can do to easily resolve this is restart the associated archiving task and the EV services several times. this isnt a scientific solution per se but what it will do is let the application mark the bad message as such due to hitting the retry limit and then let it move on to the rest of the messsages. 


were you able to sort this

were you able to sort this out?


The issue presists. There are

The issue presists.

There are no warnings or other issues with journaling generally.

i have moved the mails into a different mailbox to free up the main journal and archive box as these have alerts on them.

all 19000 mails seem to log as corrupt in EV when i enable this new box to journal. which is odd as exchange should check mails for corruption when moving them between mailboxes.

i now need to run a full mailbox corruption check on the box but the daily maintenance tasks don't log it as corrupt. if this doesn't work i'm not sure what else i can do not sure you can pst import into a journal box.

unforunately i've been on holiday so the issue has been on hold. i'll update if i ever get a resolution.


Do these messages change

Do these messages change class?  Are they still IPM.Note?

What version of Exchange?

I ask because I have seen a couple of instances where EV converts the items to PendingArchivePart's and then it appears they get stuck in the queue and never complete.   May have nothing to do with your situation but thought I would ask.