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Journaling Task Move to 2nd EV Server

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We are currently running EV 7.5 with SP2 on a single Windows 2003 SP1.


We are using EV for Mailbox Archiving (Exchange 2007 Mailboxes # 3000) and Journal Archiving.


Due to to heavy load on our only EV server, we intend to add a 2nd EV Server toour Site and offload the journaling task to this new server without moving the actual journal stores.


My question is "Is this possible and if yes, how?"


Any help would be much appreciated.




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I assume that your stores are on a NTFS partition on the present server


It is possable to move the task to another server and share out the stores and indexes from the first server but you may see a performance hit. It depends on the number and size of emails you are journaling


I recommend moving everything to the new server for Journaling because you get better performance by having the data on the server running the task. Also when you initiate searches you will be loading one server with all the disk IO for a search which still gives you the issue of heavy loa on the server


A complete clean split is the best way to go on this (if you ask me)




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Delete the existing task. Create a new journal archive on the new server, create a new journal task. You're done.


This will give you multiple journal archives. The old archive will "reside" on the old server. All searches against that archive will use the resources of the old server. Any searches against the new archives will of course run against the new server.

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Alan M

I agree moving the task is that simple but the impact on the old server wont really change since the indexes still reside on the old server so server performance on the old server will continue to suffer when searches of any kind are run.

Moving all related items to the new server along with the task will help performance on the old server as the indexes and vaults are no longer housed there. The new server will take up that role and overall performance of the EV environment will increase

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I took the original post to indicate that perf issues were as a result of archiving as opposed to searching. In which case creating a new journal archive on the new server would be sufficient. Its a more complex problem if searches are causing performance issues.