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Journaling in Mixed Exchange 2010 / 2016 Environment

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 Running EV 12.0.3 in mixed Exchange 2010 / 2016 environment.

Journaling is configured in Exchange 2010.

EV Journaling and Archiving tasks running against Exchange 2010.

New System Mailbox and EV Archiving task created and running against Exchange 2016.

No mailboxes migrated from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016.

What do I need to do with journaling before starting the migration of Exchange 2010 mailboxes to Exchange 2016?


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Depends on how you configured Journaling. If you do this on database level, then set the Journal recipient on the database to be one on the Ex2010 environment. If you have journal rules, leave them as is. Make sure to keep the Journal Mailboxes on the EX2010 environment.

To prepare the full switch to 2016, create a journal mailbox on 2016 also (or more), configure Journal Archiving tasks to archive those new journal mailboxes. Verify archiving works from those mailboxes (by journaling a test user to the new mailbox). when user mailboxes are failed over, change journaling to use the new journal mailboxes. Verify the old ones are empty before removing the ex2010 targets and tasks.

tip: While moving user mailboxes, verify in the adminguide/registry guide if you need the syncinmigrationmode registry key. This to prevent users getting 2 archives.

Regards. Gertjan

Thanks for the reply.

In Exchange 2010, journaling in performed at the database level, we will continue that in Exchange 2016.

So, prior to migrating users to Exchange 2016, I should perform the following?

Create new DWORD - SynchInMigrationMode - with a value of 1 (decimal) under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Agents

Create a journal mailbox on Exchange 2016 - ex. EX2016\Journal1

On Exchange 2016 mail database, Under Maintenance, add new journal mailbox as journal recipient - ex.EX2016\Journal1

On EV server, create Journaling task for Exchange 2016 - targeting new journal mailbox - ex. Journal1


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Hello Dan,

That's about it. For the mailbox move, see THIS 

It shows what to do in more detail. As for the journaling, you can do that before, during or after the move, as long as you configure journaling in Exchange properly. If after, journal to the existing Journal Mailbox

Regards. Gertjan

The user migration will take place over a few weeks, so both Exchange 2010 and 2016 will co-exist for a period of time.

So, prior to migrating users to Exchange 2016 does journaling need to be maintained both environments?

Once all users are migrated from 2010 to 2016, do I also migrate the original journal mailbox?