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Languages for Exhange Forms

Level 4
I have a customer that want sto implement different languages for their Exchange Forms. They have English Outlook clients with different language pack ontop. Can I creat Exhange forms library for english, swedish and danish in the Exchange organization and use three different Outlook clients to publish all three languages or will it only be english cause it is an english client?

Level 6
Exchange supports multiple org forms library (one for each language). Just install the correct EV forms into each org forms library in Exchange. If Outlook is configured correctly it will get the right forms.

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Level 3
Would it be possible to support multiple languages by changing the names of the forms with a country code? or will EV only accept the default naming conventions and placing the forms in seperate libraries?

Level 6
Do you have to keep to the language conventions for the folders, or can you name them anything?


Level 3
I'm not sure if I understand your question.  Basically we only have one Organizational forms library and were looking to support multiple languages.  Since we've already published the forms another country is stating that they are unable to do so because they are named the same.
What other methods can be utilized to install these forms for other languages while only having one Organizational library?

Level 4
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as far as I know Exchange 2003 you can not acomplish your task as you imagine. In Exchange 2000/2003 a Form library supports only one language per library and OL always search custom forms in language-specific library... I am pretty sure about this since my clients uses English and Slovene versions of Outlook...
But you can install English forms to non-english Form library (my case; Slovene forms does not exisit so I installed English instead in Slovene Form library).
Even if you are using Office MUI, you must install language-specific Form library..
Robert Primozic
MCSE Windows 2003