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Large size of archived emails, attached files still in place

Level 3

Hi to all,

EV 12.5.3, archiving of Exchange Server 2019 CU14. Some time ago I noticed that archived emails in users' mailboxes have large size due to attachments. It dramatically increases size of user mailboxes.

Emails archived but attachments was not removed and still exist in email stubs. Usually there are PDF and ZIP files, but I saw and DOC and XLS files. Еhese files are usually large in size > 1 MB.

In the Veritas EV Converters event log I see warnings 29132 with description like

1) Unable to convert item content. Reason: Conversion failed (0xc00419e0) 

2) Unable to convert item content. Reason: The converted content is too large to process (0xc0041bd0)

I believe that its connected to the problem.

Is anybody knows how to troubleshoot this? or any solution that can we try?


Level 2

Hi @SD_MM_VD  What is the version of Exchange you are using?

Check this article, this article seems to be relevant: Actually in exchange 2019 Microsoft introduces a new indexing engine which could cause this.

Hi Agarge,

Thank you for the article, seems that it is about my case. Will plan the upgrade to EV 14.2 and check...