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Legal Holds

Level 2
What is the best (preferred) method for Legal Holds?

We are a multi-product shop here, KVS EVME, KVS CA, and KVS DA.

I understand KVS DA (6.0) now includes legal holds on cases but what if the hold is for the entire vault for the user not e-mails? Can KVS DA put a hold on the entire users vault?

Documentation seems to indicate it is just for messages at the time of the search. What about any new items that are put into the vault?


Level 6
I believe it is possible to put a hold on all existing email using the search as you describe. To put a hold on new messages I belive you could use a custom filter with journaling.

Do you have journaling?

Level 2
We use journaling but the issue there is those e-mails instantly become 3yrs retention. Which isn't what we want.

I was looking for the easy way out....Give a non-tech person access to DA so they can manage the legal holds. When they place put a person on hold anything that goes into their KVS EVME vault is on hold. When released, all expired items then get deleted based on retention poloicy.

Using KVS CA wasn't really an option that I wanted to pursue.