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Licensing Issues with EV 11.0

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Working on EV 11.0.1 CHF 5 on a VCS 6.1 Cluster with Windows Server 2012.

For some reason, we are unable to add/create new Archive Points on new and existing volumes nor view existing Archive Points in VAC.

Troubleshooting the issue with Technical Support, we found out that the Admin Service for some reason refuses to validate the licenses installed. 

Anyone having ideas as to what or why could this be happening. The last time a license check was done by the EV Admin Service was last week, when we had a major activity on SQL (Moving the LDF Files to another drive, Defragmentation of SQL and SQL Maintenance).

I am not sure how it could be related, but I am being forced to think in that direction and hitting a wall.

Any kind of silver bullet will be very much helpful.


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is that alias in the screenshot still available? YBLEVMB01

Regards. Gertjan

Hello GertjanA

The Site Alias is available and it is also the alias of the First Server in the installation.

That server is being used for mailbox archiving


The issue has been resolved. The cause being the presence of the "SPS Only" DWORD in the Admin Service hive.