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Location for SQL Server - in a bind

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When we were first sold EV, we were told the SQL databases were for config info only, so here at HQ, we loaded the SQL databases on our utility SQL server. Since then, we've learned that the SQL databases do much more than hold the config info. If I'm correct, they track every message in and out of the archive, where they're stored, etc. right? Anyway...

We're installing EV at our 3 remote offices, each it's own separate EV site. Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of loading SQL on any of the existing servers and purchasing 3 new servers is a last resort. According to the documentation, the SQL databases can be loaded on the EV server for demo purposes, but has anyone had any luck/perfomance problems with doing this in production?


Can the remote sites use our SQL server here at HQ over the T1 lines? If we turn off auditing?

E2K3 sp1
EV 6.0 SP2 on W2K3 sp1
Our remote offices have between 50 and 70 users each connect via T1 lines.
Total archive size for each office is anticipated to reach 500 GB in 2 years.
Servers are HP DL360 G4s (dual xeon 3.2ghz w/ 3 GB ram), EV data is stored on SAN (FC @ 2 gbps).

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I'm sorry, I left out one of the biggest details... There is a dedicated SAN in each office.

Would upgrading the ram to 4 or 5 GB make a big difference? I believe there is a sql option that allows us to limit it to a fixed amount of ram.

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To be honest, I think you will okay for what you have. You will want to limit sql to 2gb of ram to keep it from hogging it all. Worst case scenario, you limp along until you can budget to move sql off to different hardware. You are only talking 50-70 users, so I think you will get by until you can get more hardware. I guess it depends how urgent you need to get going.

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Thanks for the input. I'm sure if performance suffers greatly from the get go, we'll react and toss in a dedicated sql box. But we'll keep our fingers crossed for now. Thanks again!