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Loop in converter...

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I have an EV server in version 12.3.2 in charge of archiving a Celerra filesystem. I am detecting that the TEMP location has very large files ... Analyzing the problem we see that we are trying to convert the same files again and again. In the event viewer we see events in the Converters part for the same files every 15 minutes, of the type:

Unable to convert item content to HTML. The content has been converted to text
Reason: Document conversion timed out. (0xc0041960)

The events coincide in time with those large files that I see in TEMP.

The oldest files of an hour are deleted, but every so often EVConverterSandbox processes that try to convert the same files again and again (now there is no archiving task running). In total, I see 200 EVConverterSandbox processes running on the server. It is as if I had looped with those files and is trying every 15 minutes approximately.

Do you know what this behavior may be due to? Is there any way out of that loop other than restarting the server?

Thanks and regards


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It might be the conversion is for large file(s), or perhaps specific files (zip and password protected). As you are on 12.3.2, there are some site-settings in regards to conversion. In theorie, you could set the conversion time-out to 5 minutes, after which EV should archive the item without conversion.

also see the registry guide (LINK) under Enterprise Vault section.


Regards. Gertjan