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MFC71.dll in use?

Level 6
During the EV2007 SP1 upgrade I'm getting prompted by setup.exe to close whatever process has the following 3 files open;


Running procmon.exe it seems like the only program with a hook on these is the EV setup.exe program itself. Any ideas? So far I've just been hitting "continue installation" and it has been working fine.

Level 6
I just finished. Interestingly the only machines which did not give me that popup window, nor needed a restart were the Exchange Front-End Servers. The EV servers and the Exchange Back-End servers gave me the message and required a restart.

Level 5
Has anyone else experienced this issue or have a fix for it?  We are also seeing these files in use during the 2007 install in our test environment.  We ran process explorer and killed everything we could that was using this file, but to no avail.
We would rather not roll it out to the production environment until we know the cause and that the continue option does not cause any problems.  Any help on this would be appreciated.  thank you.

Level 4
I am seeing the same issue in a current install I am doing for a customer.  From what we can tell through process explorer the Symantec AV client has the mfc71.dll file locked.  If we shut down the symantec AV services that file is freed up, but we still have msvcp71.dll and vsvcr71.dll locked.  Shutting down all the process below and closing all explorer windows freed up all the files mentioned. 
Services we stopped: 
Symantec Antivirus
Syamntec definition watcher
Syamntec event manager
Syamntec settings manager
Hope this works for you.

Level 4
Of the 10 servers we had to install on, some of them also requried us to kill the ccApp process in task manager as well.

Level 6
We also have SAVCE running on these boxes, so there does appear to be a commonality. Interesting that I could not find the app actually holding the files open. Anyways... the installation still seems to have worked properly and no errors related to this have popped up.

Level 3
I just had the same problem on an EV upgrade on a VCS config. I finally just told EV to go ahead with the upgrade and it worked fine.