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MIgration to a new file server

Level 3


I am in need of moving my file server to new os. All the shares are residing on SAN LUN and I plan on keeping the same server name and IP (only hardware and OS will be changed)

Would this procedure work

1) Install new server

2) Shut down old server

3) Remap LUNs to new server

4) Recreate shares on new server (reg export from old one and import on new one, ACLs will be kept on LUN)

5) Install FSA agent on new server

Thank you in advance, 


Level 6

Hi Bothari,

This will work as long as the drive letters remain the same on the new server.  EV does not care about IP address only the name.  You will need to ensure the VSA has the correct permissions and that the EV server is in the Local Intranet zone on the new server, but other than that the PH files should recall if the agent is installed.  

I would suggest getting to the latest FSA agent 12.1.3 as there are some enhancements/fixes.
The agent can be found in the Veritas Enterprise Vault\Server\Release Update Files\%VAULT%\evpush\Agent folder of the download.