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MSMQ Issues

Level 3

Since upgrading to version 5 I have noticed something strange about our messaging queues.

If I use the message queuing UI through my computer all the queues appear correctly. However I have issues with the GUI reporting incorrect results in the past so I usually monitor using perfmon.

If I look at the queues using perform all I can see is:

Archiving service for Enterprise Vault u
Archiving service for Enterprise Vault u#1
Archiving service for Enterprise Vault u#2


It's the same with the retrival queues.

Effectively I can't monitor MSMQ because I don't know which queues represent which service.

Any ideas?

Level 3
I see this in version 6, too- it's a bit frustrating that the name is too long and thusly gets clipped.

Really, the only thing we could do is manually go through and check each one, and watch the MSMQ queues to verify which queue we were looking at. this took a bit of time and was a bit frustrating, but once we identified them all it was OK. (They don't change, so we don't need to do it again.)

The more servers you have, the more frustrating this process becomes.

I'd really be interested to know if there's an easier method, so the next time we set up an EV server I can avoid the manual labor.

Level 6
Does the MOM pack address this? it might be able to get a better view of the queues.