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Mailbox Analysis Tool


When I used to admin the Symantec Enterprise Vault environment, I had the need to analyse users mailboxes to determine why things where not being archived ect, ect.

Someone “thanks Karl” wrote me a small command line tool that allowed me to do this.  We have had the need to do this for someone else but decided to make a new tool with a new nice UI to give a better overall analysis of a mailbox.

If you think this would be a useful tool, please let me know then we can get it packaged up and offered as a totally free tool.

Any comments / suggestions welcome.




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Me me me

Hello Wayne,

I'd like a copy please!

If possible, can you get a counter in for the Deleted Items in it too? Installs I have been at do not archive deleted items, and this might give some strange issues with archiving.

Regards. Gertjan

Yeah it looks very handy, I

Yeah it looks very handy, I would like to play around with it to understand it better. Please send me a copy too :)

Wayne you know my email address

just looking into the deleted

just looking into the deleted itmes thing then will let you guys play ;)

can't wait!

Hello Wayne,

Thanks! Can't wait. Looks like another usefull Quadrotech tool!

Regards. Gertjan

Count me in.  That would be

Count me in.  That would be very useful.

GertjanA, Hows this?


Hows this?

Hi Wayne? who can I try this?

Hi Wayne?

who can I try this? look great.


Hello Wayne!

Looks good to me. I am more than happy to perform a test for you!

Regards. Gertjan

Kindly give me a copy i am

Kindly give me a copy i am looking for similar one. Thanks a lot in advance!

Stay tuned guys....

...we'll going live with the download link today (propably in the evening) and will post the downloadlink here....

...and prepare for more free and useful tools in the next days/weeks :)

Cheers to all of you,



Looks great. I also would

Looks great. I also would like to try. Thanks.



Working for

...better late then never....

i know i promised it for yesterday evening, but now the stuff is going online immidiately :)

Please download at:

There is a Version for 32bit and 64bit Outlook in the ZIP File.

Let us know if you like it :)

Have fun and stay tuned for the next free tools...

Peter Kozak

just to clarify....

...the x64 Version is only for Office 2010 -  64bit!

the x86 Version works for Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 -32 bit - even in a 64bit OS


Thanks a lot Peter!  

Thanks a lot Peter!


Peter, I have tried the link,


I have tried the link, I wrote my email there, but I have received anything. Is there anything wrong?


takes little time

Hello Juan,

I took for me about 40 minutes for the mail to arrive. Also check your junk-mail folder...

Regards. Gertjan

we have had some problems with our mailengine on the website

...hopefully it will work now smoothly...

if not, plaese drop me a mail:


It's working fine now.

It's working fine now. Thanks!