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Mailbox Enabled but Mails Not Archiving

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I have enabled a couple of newly created mailboxes in the EV and found that no mails have been archived.  I have tried to manually archive mails and it does not work.  The properties of the enabled mailbox in the Advanced tab, it shows that Youngest Arhived Items and Oldest Archived Items are not set.  There was no issue regarding mail archiving with the mailboxes enabled earlier.  Please help and thank you in advance. 




Level 2

I am using EV8.

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When you manually archive an item what happens/goers wrong? Does it go to pending or not? I think the screenshot you uploaded is really onbly set like this as nothing has been archived. Needmore info on what is happenibg in this regards.

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Hi Indy57,

You need to provide more info in this post. Does the email change to pending and then back to regular when you perfom a manual archiving? Have you checked the event viewer for any errors or warnings? GertanA provided a good list of steps to troubleshoot your issue.

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In the EV console, expand targets, rightclick Exchange, select display policies assigned to mailbox.

Enter name of user. Does he have policies?

Is your archivnig policy correct? (ie older than 30 days? or something)

If ok,

Run archiving task in report mode. (rightclick task, run now, report mode) select this 1 user.


Wait a while, check ..\program files\enterprise vault\reports\mail archiving folder.

Should be a report for this user. Copy content, paste in excel. Look at column 'items that would be archived'. Does it give anything?

If NOT, you might first want to resync the mailbox (on the task), then try again.

If still not ok, check if manual archiving works (as said above). If that (EDIT) DOES NOT work, you need to zap the mailbox (see utilities guid for exact).then run provisioning again, sync mailbox, re-enable mailbox. (EDIT) If it DOES work, your schedule/policy is wrong Oh, and you provisioning group setting, does that have a check at 'archive mailboxes in this provisioning group'?


and, upgrade to 9, preferably to 10 :)


Regards. Gertjan

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