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Mailbox Partially Processed: Pass Limit Reached

Hello Vox Members,

Needed some clarity regarding the EV Archiving Task Report pertaining to the status and substatus; Partially Processed: Pass Limit Reached.

I am working on EV 11.0.1 (heading for an upgrade to EV12.2 in a few days), on a VCS Cluster 6.1 running on Windows Server 2012. I have 6 Servers for Mailbox archiving, with a one to one mailbox archiving task.

While analysing the reports, I have come across varying behaviour of the task when it partially processes a mailbox with the aforementioned status.

While I understood the meaning of the status to be that it was the setting "No of items per pass" that determined how many items would be processed per pass during the schedule, the explanation in the TN: is confusing. It seems to suggest that the number of passes that were allowed on the mailbox had reached its limit. The effect being I see a number less than the number of items to be processed per pass in the Items Archived column and number of passes going up to 2 or 3.

Any kind of help is much appreciated

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Re: Mailbox Partially Processed: Pass Limit Reached


Could you post a screen shot of the Run Summary and of Maibox Summary, at the beginning of your report ?



Re: Mailbox Partially Processed: Pass Limit Reached

As requested... screenshot of the Archive Task Report showing the Status & Number of Items processed and Number of passes.

Re: Mailbox Partially Processed: Pass Limit Reached



Pass limit reached = One or more passes of the mailbox have successfully completed, but more are required to complete processing the mailbox.

I believe this happens when the quota is not yet achieved, but the schedule does not allow another run.

Regards. Gertjan