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Mailbox archiving working but not showing up in Outlook

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I am testing Enterprise vault in a test environment. Everything is installed and configured as per the Veritas documents. I am able to run the archiving mailbox task on the client and can see the mail using web access. Unfortunately this archiving is not reflecting in Outlook (2013) and when I click the store button on the EV add in it say could not archive with reason being unknow. I have turned off all firewalls for testing purposes.

I have seperate VMs for Exch, DC, SQL and EV servera and 2 seperate VMs for clients. I am at a complete loss here. Only guidance I have are the veritas documents as no one in my organization is familiar with installing and configuring the product. 

I would immensely appreciate any guidance on as this is a make or break situation for me in my current role.

Some additional information. The archived mails are shown as pending in outlook and only action I can do on them is cancel using the EV toolbar. Also in the Vault Information option of outlook add-in, under testing connection failed HTTP is shown but pointing to http://exchangeserver/enterprisevault instead of the EV server.


Actually this is my second installation. I installed EV and SQL on 2 new VMs as the same symptoms were there last time.
Really don't know where the things are going wrong.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to help me.

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so do you use an alias for your ev server?  What did you put into this box when you ran the install wizard? 24-06-12 20-45-03.jpg

evtestsite is the alias for the server. The installtion guide asked to create a alias so I created it.

The problem is solved. The require SSL box had to be unticked in IIS manager and the server is now connecting.