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Mailbox showing up in everyone's Vault Search

Have a situation where a mailbox is showing up in everyone's Enterprise Vault Search.  When you expanded it, two mail folders were visible.  I discovered why, in checking the permissions of those folders in Outlook, someone changed the "Default" permission group to "Editor" instead of "None".  I went ahead and set those permissions to "None" as they should be, and now those two folders are no longer showing up for everyone, but the mailbox is still listed.  

Anyone know how I can remove this?  When you try to expand it there are no folders.  But it's still there.  Mailbox/AD/Vault permissions are normal.  I tried restarting EV services, running all tasks (Provisioning, Archiving, etc).  Possibly disabling the mailbox for archiving, then enabling it again??  

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Re: Mailbox showing up in everyone's Vault Search


did you check which permissions are present on the highest level of the archive (\) using permissionbrowser.exe (located in \EnterpriseVault\x64)?

If you cannot see any permissions there that could explain it and the mailbox is still available and getting archived properly I would recommend performing a permission ZAP

How to remove all permissions from an archive using Enterprise Vault Policy Manager (EVPM)




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