Mailbox with +50000 shortcuts does not archive


I have several user that stoping archiving after a few test (, I came to the conclusion that all this user have lots of shortcuts in the mailbox. after a remove this shortcuts the archiving tasks started arching again.


Is this normal? 


Exchange Query to find how many shortcuts are in the mails:

Search-Mailbox -Identity $Username -SearchQuery "IPM.NOTE.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut" –EstimateResultOnly  

ResultItemsCount : 51594
ResultItemsSize  : 180.4 MB (189,187,526 bytes)


 Enterprise Vault is 9.0.3 

Exchange Server 2010 sp3


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i wouldnt call it normal

i wouldnt call it normal because i've seen large environments with mailboxes in the hundreds of thousands of items. you would have to troubleshoot further to determine root cause. from your other post, this sounds like an issue if you're talking about EV backups:

"Every 2 hours our backup (Microsoft DPM2012) runs."

and yes it is possible and very dependant on Exchange that such a large mailbox will take time to process and also possible that your backups keep interupting your archiving run.