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Mailboxes outside the Domain - Exchange server

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We had a mailbox in 2 domains in Exchange 2007 (1 server per domain) and mailbox was enabled in EV 11.0.1 for archiving.

Now the mailbox has been migrated to Exchange 2013 with 1 server for 2 domains.

The Exchange 2013 server is in COMPANY1.COM domain.

The mailbox in domain COMPANY1.COM don't has problem.

But, the mailbox in domain COMPANY2.COM have not been detected as migrated to the new Exchange server.

Provisioning task report shows the following :

"Mailbox not processed as located in an Exchange mailbox database that is not in the current domain or on an Exchange Server that has not been added as a target"

Mailboxes added: 0
Mailboxes updated: 1
Mailboxes relinked: 0
Mailboxes ignored because already processed: 0
Provisioning targets that returned no mailboxes: 0
Users without a mailbox: 0
New mailboxes ignored because of existing entries in the Enterprise Vault database: 0
Journal mailboxes found: 0
Users with mailboxes outside the current domain: 91
Users whose mailboxes were not synchronized: 0
Errors: 0

How can we resolve this issue pelase?



Level 4

Hi Brunosousasf,

   This usually comes down to one of 2 things:

-The msExchHomeServerName attribute for those mailboxes might still point to the old server.  Changing that is more of an Exchange/ADSIEdit action.  Since this is an EV forum, and I'm a Veritas employee, it's risky for me to discuss the ways to update that, though I'm sure that either you or your domain admins and/or Exchange admins know how to update this.

-Or, it's an issue with bidirectional trusts between the domains, which causes an issue for us to gather the details we need to provision them.  Same as above, I shouldn't delve deep in to offering advice about domain trusts.

Honestly I'd kind of doubt the second option; it sounds like your trust was already ok since they were working before when they were on separate servers that truly were in separate domains.  And keep in mind these are just best guesses based on my experience; a dtrace would tell you more.  Speaking of dtrace....

You can find out specifically what the attribute in error is by dtracing exchangepolicysynctask (this is just our really old name for Provisioning) while running the Provisioning Task again.  Usually you can see the error show up when we perform an LDAP query regarding the mailboxes, or when we perform a GC lookup for them during the trace.  Hope this helps!


Hi !

The Dtrace of exchangepolicysynctask :


 |Event ID: 41126 The Exchange mailbox provisioning task found some mailboxes that are not eligible for processing by this task.|This task will process mailboxes on every Exchange Server in this domain that has been added to the Administration Console.|If you want this task to process such mailboxes, add the host Exchange Server to the Administration Console.|See the provisioning task report for further details.|Task: Exchange Provisioning Task for|Domain: