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Maintainence of Item Status after Restore

We recently restored a couple of user's vault (all vault items) items directly to their EX2016 mailbox using EV12. This was done as the user's mailbox is being moved to Exchange Online in O365. Some users reported the following:

  1. The Unread count of messages in their Outlook clients increased dramatically
  2. They started to get reminders for old calendar items like meetings/appointments etc.

Does the restore have no mechanism to track this or manipulate this? For example, if the user has a EV shortcut in their mailbox that is read, when they restore this mail, is it still read or does it come in as unread? Same for calendar items.

Appreciate any feedback!

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Re: Maintainence of Item Status after Restore

If the item was Unread when archived it will be restored as Unread.  See this Link.

Also, unfortunately I don't know of a way to clear the reminders natively.  

If you have a lot of mail to restore you might want to look into a third-party vendor, such as Cloudficient, Quest or Transvault.