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Manual archive & restoring fails


I have a customer that upgrade Enterprise Vault server from Ev10 to Ev11 sp1 (Windows 2008R2)

after I upgrade the Ev server all of the client get a error:

Could not process the selected items, reason: an internal error occurred on the web server, CreateObject AA0:424”

i also working with article :

but it`s not resolve the problem.

please advice me.




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Hi Ronen, Did you look at

Hi Ronen,

Did you look at this technote?

Error when retrieving an archived item in Outlook after migrating the EV server to Windows Server 2008 R2


Enable 32-bit mode on the EnterpriseVaultAppPool application pool.

  1.     Open Internet Information Services Manager.
  2.     Expand the server and open the Application Pools container.
  3.     Right-click on EnterpriseVaultAppPool and choose Advanced Settings.
  4.     Change the value for Enable 32-bit applications to True.

Additionally, ensure the permissions on the Enterprise Vault directory for the Users group allow the following rights: Read & Execute, List folder contents, Read.

Hello, I`m also see the


I`m also see the technote

The technote not relevent to version 11.




While the article does not

While the article does not appear to reference EV 11 directly, this could still be related. I would recommend checking EnterpriseVaultAppPool advanced settings per the article. Changing this value (Enable 32-but applications) should not break anything.

When they upgraded from 10 to 11, did they move to new hardware or a new OS?

If you go through the article and the problem continues, even after a reboot, it may be an issue with the EnterpriseVaultAppPool itself and it may be necessary to have it recreated.

I hope this helps.


hi please see my answer, the


please see my answer,

the value of  EnterpriseVaultAppPool  is :Enable 32 Application-True

I don`t move to new os or hardware

How Can I Recrated EnterpriseVaultAppPool ?